Tool programmer intern (4 months)

Pine is an open world that adapts to how you play, through advanced artificial intelligence and an intricate game ecology.


Lead & Tool programmer

Benkei is a metroidvania-like game where the player has to use various weapons in order to complete quests.

The Spookynizers

Lead programmer

The Spookynizers is a top-down twin-stick shooter, designed to be a party game, and playable by 3 players on a computer.

Les Fabuleux Mondes de Max

Gameplay & System programmer

Les Fabuleux Mondes de Max is an educational puzzle game aiming to teach children how programming works.


Lead gameplay programmer

Kukeri is an arena survival party game in which 4 players play cooperatively in a haunted house.

Binding of Isaac mods

Made two big mods for Binding of Isaac: one that adds 11 new items, and one useful to debug when creating mods.