The Spookynizers is a twin-stick shooter where the 3 little girls have to fight cooperatively against hordes of enemies using their multi-function laser gun. Aiming the gun at enemies damages them, while aiming at a door repairs it or adds a shield if it's already at maximum health. If the 3 players all fire at the same time at the 3 teddy bears, all doors are repaired and all players regain full health and max energy. By crossing their streams, they can create an AoE at each intersection point, useful when dealing with many but weak monsters. When a player dies, his corpse lays on the ground and he becomes a ghost. After a short time, he will transform back into a normal player, but only if there's still enough revives!

The game can only be played using 3 controllers. Once every player is ready, the level selection screen appears.
In the game, players can move around using the left stick, can aim using the right stick, and can fire using the right trigger button (can be held down).

On this project, I worked on the movement and aiming of the players, on every aspect of the laser gun, on two out of the three enemies, on the level select screen. The other programmers and designers did the AI of the boss, the ghost and revive system, all of the UI and the level design scene. With git, I merged everything that had to be merged. I imported all the assets from the artists, and merged the level design scene with the environment scene of the artists.