Benkei is a metroidvania-like game where the player has to explore successions of rooms in order to complete quests. In these rooms, he can find turrets and knights he'll have to defeat, and will be able to collect collectibles. To defeat his enemies, he'll be able to pick up up to two unique weapons. All weapons synergise into unique combos.

Since the game is a metroidvania, I started working on a tool to make map layout editing easier. I created a custom window to create, open and edit map layouts. A script will then load the first scene (the one whose box was ticked on) and will asynchronously load all rooms that are directly next to it.
On this window, you can create new rooms by right-clicking, drag and move already created rooms, and pan the view with the middle mouse button.

On the same project, I also made a smaller tool to help visualizing and editing the path that moving platforms are going to follow. On the scene, simply select one or multiple moving platforms and hold Ctrl to see and edit the path. You can also choose wether you want it to loop or reverse the whole path once at the end of it.