Kukeri is an arena survival party game in which 4 players have to play cooperatively in a haunted house. They must pay attention to the various traps, and escape the Melano, a gypsy monster tracking them down. Together, they must push a totem to the other side of the arena, while escaping the Melano. The totem acts as a shield to the Melano, but doesn't last very long and has to be reactivated.

The game can only be played using 4 controllers. Once every player pressed "A", the title screen appears.
In the game, players can move around using the left stick, and can interact with their environment by pressing "A". They can revive players that have been touched by the Melano by spamming "A" while facing them. They can reactivate the shield of the totem by pressing "A" next to the switches while the arrow is in the right position.

On this project, I worked on the movement of the players while David was programming the AI. I worked on the shield around the totem, the switches, and most of the traps of the environment. I imported all the assets from the artists, and did the title screen.